My business is providing solutions for a well-behaved puppy.

Overwhelmed by your puppy’s non-stop biting? Tired of your furniture being chewed? Flustered that your puppy won’t pee outside but, instead, she squats on your rug?

Puppy Training | Animal Training | Shropshire

I’ll bring relief to your home with practical puppy training solutions via my home-based programme or puppy classes.

One-to-One Puppy Training

With my help, you’ll enjoy:

Relaxing time in your home with a puppy who quiets when crated.

Fun! Enjoy play time with a puppy who knows what not to chew.

Sleep because your puppy learns to relax when asked.

Good dog behaviour for years to come via early socialization.

Ready to delight in your puppy’s behaviour?

I’ll customize every session to maximize your puppy’s progress. Read more about my training package for puppies up to 20 weeks old.

Pre-Puppy Arrival Session

Have you thought about your puppy’s first week home? You’ll be her teacher, caretaker, best friend, and more for years to come—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

In 90 minutes, I’ll provide essential tips to help with:

● Whining during the long drive home from the breeder or shelter

● Not being able to settle

● Disrupting your sleep by crying through the night

● Destroying your furniture, rugs, clothes, and favourite shoes

● Biting your arms, fingers, toes—anything she can chew with her razor-sharp teeth

Establish house rules from the start for good behaviour from the beginning.

90-minute Puppy Preparation for £115.00

Terms and Conditions

Puppy Training Package

I’ll help your puppy grow into a fun, well-adjusted dog who you’ll enjoy for years to come. Using effective, gentle training methods, your puppy will learn real-life manners like come and lead walking. Plus, we’ll address biting, crate-training, toilet-training, and much more.

Most importantly, we’ll train where you need your puppy to behave—in your home, your garden, your favourite park, or wherever results matter most.

We’ll cover all the puppy basics:
● Manners every puppy should know—sit, down, come, go to your bed, to relax when asked, and lead walking.
● House training—where to do her business, and when.
● Chewing—what she’s allowed to chew—her toys only.
● Biting—what she’s not allowed to chew—you or your furniture.
● Home alone—prevent separation anxiety by teaching your puppy to cope with being left alone.

5 Training Sessions for £320.00 .

Pre-Puppy Preparation Package and 4 Training Sessions for £400.00.

Terms and Conditions

Need extra support? I'm happy to help!

Individual Training Sessions are available for £60.00 per hour

Puppy Classes

Give your puppy the best start in life and join my ‘Life Skills for Puppies’ Course:

The Life Skills approach to raising a puppy enable puppies to develop the skills they need to live in harmony with their human families and the society in which they live.

Your puppy will learn to

● Sit 
● Stand
● Stay 
● Lie down 

● Walk nicely on the lead
● Settle and amuse themselves

● Come when called
● Be comfortable being touched and groomed
● Cope with surprises
● Socialising and playing with other puppies

Older Puppy? Join my Hooligan Hounds Course!

Have you finished puppy class, and would like to continue your training?

Or perhaps you were unable to attend puppy classes  

Or has your puppy hit adolescence – the terrible teens!?

​​​This 6 -week course is specifically designed as a training course for friendly*, adolescent dogs who are 5 to 18 months old. It is ideal for dog owners who have acquired a young rescue dog who is too old for puppy class; dogs who perhaps didn’t go to puppy school or for owners who would like to continue their dog’s training after finishing puppy school.

I will help you to continue your puppy’s education:

● Manners every dog should know – sit, down, stay, learning to relax. 
● Greeting guests, strangers and other dogs politely
● Coming when you call – the first time! 
● Going through doors and getting out of the car safely

● Walking policely on his lead
● To give and take when asked, and to leave things alone he should not eat.

Let me bring harmony to your home via positive, effective puppy training solutions.

I’m happy to help all my clients. Here are a few words from one of them:

My whippet puppy Scout and I have just completed the puppy life skills training.
Valerie is calm, helpful and very knowledgeable. We both thoroughly enjoyed our training and completed the course with us both having learned a lot.
Would highly recommend.
Lisa and Scout

My puppy Mabel and I have just completed a Puppy Life Skills course with Valerie which has been excellent. My puppy has learned so much on the course and so have I! Valerie is patient, encouraging and supportive – she is very happy to discuss any concerns you have with your dog or answer questions about training – it’s obvious she is very knowledgeable and an experienced dog behaviourist/trainer. Highly recommended! Thank you Valerie.

Sarah and Mabel

Working with Valerie gave me so much confidence as a first-time dog owner. She listened to everything I had to say about what we were looking to gain from the one 2 one sessions and based our training around it as well as adding in training she believed to be useful to us. I fully recommend the Animal Behaviour Business and I can’t thank Valerie enough for the well-behaved puppy we are left with.

Lizzi Hewer-Connelly

Puppy Training | Animal Training | Shropshire

Why Choose Me?

Recommended: Veterinarians recommend my services to their clients.

Knowledgeable: Up-to-date and scientifically-proven techniques.

Experienced: Life Skills for Puppies Trainer.

Convenience: Address your puppy concerns, where it matters—I’ll come to you!

Support: Ring me up with questions, I’m happy to help!

Puppy Training Shropshire

Let me be your personal puppy behaviourist. I'll provide relief in every session.

Puppy Training Shropshire

Let me be your personal puppy behaviourist. I'll provide relief in every session.

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