My business is positively resolving your cat’s behaviour problems.

Worried that your cat is fighting with your neighbour’s cat? Frustrated that your cat claws and scratches your new furniture? Tired of your cat toileting everywhere but her litterbox?

Cat Behaviour Training | Animal Training | Shropshire

Get more joy from your cat with positive, straightforward training solutions via my home-based programme.

Cat Behaviour Training | Animal Training | Shropshire

One-to-One Cat Behaviour & Training

With my help, you’ll enjoy:

Ready to delight in your cat’s behaviour?

I’ll customize every session to maximize your cat’s progress. Read more about how I’ll help you.

Together, we’ll address:
  • Toileting issues: Start good kitten habits, or retrain your spraying cat. We’ll teach your cat where to do her business with gentle techniques.
    Eating strange items: No more eating shoe strings, plastic bags, or bookmark tassels. Let’s keep kitty—and your wool sweaters—safe.
  • Cat fighting: Stop apologising to your neighbour or fretting every time your cats look at each other. I’ll show you simple tips to restore harmony between kitties.
  • Aggressive behaviour: Train your cat to love her carrier, bite and scratch-free. We’ll also teach her to relax when brushed or examined so vet visits are less stressful.
  • Excessive meowing: At best it’s annoying and at worst it’s a sign of a serious issue. Let me uncover what’s causing your cat’s yowling so you can sleep.
  • Destruction: Embarrassed to invite friends over to sit on your destroyed sofa? I’ll guide you through easy boredom busters to keep your furniture scratch-free.
  • Over grooming: Your cat licks her belly so much it’s raw. Excessive licking can be a sign of stress. I’ll find and help you address the cause so you and your cat relax.
  • Cat flap training: Cats don’t always figure the cat flap out on their own. We’ll teach her how to use hers like a pro.

Better cat behaviour awaits with positive, effective training techniques.

How it Works

Step One: Ring me up for a chat. It’s FREE!

It’s FREE! I’ll listen to your concerns and answer your questions so you’re confident I’m the right fit for you and your cat*.

Step Two: Schedule initial consultation.

I’ll evaluate your cat’s behaviour, answer questions, and provide tangible tips for accelerated improvement.

Step Three: Home-based training sessions.

I’ll customise every session based on your cat’s progress and your needs.

*Behaviour changes sometimes signify an underlying medical issue. For your cat’s safety and welfare, you may need to obtain a referral from your veterinarian before we can begin training.

Restore order to your home. Schedule your consultation today.

What You’ll Get:

  • Clear analysis of your cat’s behaviour
  • Honest assessment of how long training will take
  • Expert advice for immediate relief
  • Tailored training plan for better cat behaviour

60-Minute Consultation for £180.00
Follow on sessions for £70/hour





Why Choose Me?

Recommended: Veterinarians recommend my services to their clients

Experience: Up-to-date and scientifically-proven solutions

Qualified: Twice published feline behaviour specialist

Compassion: Gentle, effective methods—Kima and Nandi (my cats) approved

Comfort: Resolve problems where your cat is comfortable. I’ll come to you!



Cat Behaviour Training | Animal Training | Shropshire

Let me be your personal cat behaviourist, & provide relief in every session.

My lovely clients agree.

A few months ago we got a rescue kitten to keep our other cat company! The introductions did not go well and the fur literally flew! Valerie helped us to understand how cats interact, and how to go about reintroducing the two cats to one another. She gave us strategies to help the older cat accept the kitten into her territory. Valerie’s knowledge, humour and empathy turned what was a nightmare situation into a happy two cat-household.

Claude, Clive and the Sinclair Family

Animal Behaviour Business Supports the IAABC

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