Terms and Conditions – Heath House Kennels

All dogs are boarded at the owner’s risk. No animal will be accepted unless proof of inoculation is provided prior to or upon arrival.

Deposits and Cancellations:

  • When you make a booking request by e mail, in person or by telephone, your booking is not confirmed until we have received a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount payable for your dog’s stay with us.
  • Payment may be made by cash, bank transfer or by credit card. Please note we do not accept cheques.
  • The deposit is non-refundable unless we receive 30 days’ notice of cancellation or amendment prior to the commencement of the booking. In the event of the cancellation of any booking without 30 days’ advance notice; we will apply a cancellation fee of 50% of the full value of the cancelled booking. Cancellation of bookings which take place after 12.00 noon of the previous day of the check in date or in the event of No Show, the full amount of the booking will be chargeable.


  • We will require full payment for the booking by card, cash or banks transfer when you leave your dog with us. No reduction will be offered for early collection.
  • We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary. All prices quoted will be at the rate prevailing at time of booking. All prices charged will be at the rate prevailing at time of boarding.

Days Charged:

  • We charge for day of arrival and day of collection. Your dog’s kennel will be available from 9am on your arrival date and until 4.30pm on your day of departure. Any pet not collected by 4.30pm will be subject to a charge of one extra day’s boarding.

Health and Vaccinations:

  • Dogs must be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Kennel Cough; and must have had their booster injection within the previous twelve months.
  • If your pet is starting a new primary course of vaccinations, we can only accept them for boarding two weeks after the second booster has been given.
  • We can cater for dogs that require medication or have special needs. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements your dog may have, and we can assist wherever possible.
  • You must provide a hard copy of the vaccination card for each dog. These will be held on site for the duration of your dog’s stay, this is a legal requirement for any boarding establishment. Failure to provide a copy will mean we cannot accept your dog for boarding. If you cannot find the original card your vet will be able to provide you with proof of vaccinations upon request.
  • Any current or ongoing problems with a dog’s health or temperament must be notified to us at the time of booking.  We reserve the right to refuse any dog that we consider to be of an unreliable temperament, or sick at the time of boarding.
  • The owner authorises Heath House Kennels to seek veterinary advice and/or treatment where they deem necessary and where possible this will be carried out by the owner’s usual/preferred vet, however we reserve the right to use our designated, registered Vet (Severn Edge Vets) if required. The owner is responsible for the full cost of any treatment required together with any associated costs and the owner agrees to pay all such costs immediately upon collection of their dog, or by agreement with the proprietor.
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure all dogs have been wormed recently and should not show signs of having any external parasites such as fleas. Should any dog require treatment for internal or external parasites (fleas, worms, etc.) then a charge will be levied for this.
  • The owner agrees that, in admitting their dog, Heath House Kennels has relied on the owner’s representation that their pet is in good health and that the owner has disclosed to us any prior incidents where their pet has harmed or shown aggression or threatening behaviour toward any person or any other pet.


  • Your dog must be fully insured to cover any medical treatment they require during their stay with us.


  • Everything your dog requires for his/her stay here is provided. We have bedding, food dishes and toys. However, we encourage you to bring your dog’s bedding and toys and we will try our best to keep them in the condition they came in. Heath House Kennels does not accept any responsibly for items that are damaged or lost.


  • When you arrive, please visit reception with your dog’s vaccination records and items your dog will need. All your dog’s details are logged including any special needs, vets’ details, medication and dietary requirements, details of favourite toys and treats etc.

Make a Booking:

You can download our booking form here: (Do we have this?)

Visit Us:

Please feel free to come and view our kennels before making your booking. Please call to arrange a suitable time.

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