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Kennel Services | Heath House | Shropshire

Going on holiday should be a joyful experience. However, worrying about your dog can take the fun out of your break. That’s why I lovingly look after every dog who stays with me.

Kennel Services | Heath House | Shropshire

 Heath House Kennels Coming Soon!

If you want peace of mind that your dog is relaxed and happy while you’re away, bring her to my Shropshire Hills haven, where I’ll treat her like family. Limited availability to assure she receives unlimited belly rubs.

Whether you’re traveling for work, a long overdue girls’ weekend, or an extended family holiday, you can rest easy knowing your dog’s entire stay at my rural retreat is carefully crafted and monitored by me, a certified, professional dog behaviourist. Allow me to warm heartedly welcome your dog to my Heath House haven, check availability today [hyperlink to calendar].

When your dog boards at Heath House, she’ll get:

  • A thorough behavioural assessment to assure she’s matched with perfect play pals
  • Off-leash playtime mindfully planned and supervised by me, an experienced dog trainer
  • Extensive one-on-one time, because I understand your dog is family
  • Relaxing nature walks – I’ll walk your dog so she can sniff to her heart’s content, safely
  • Private, cosy kennel to sleep after full days of playing, walking, and hanging out

Does your dog’s behaviour need refinement? Add positive, results-based training sessions to her Heath House holiday, and enjoy better dog behaviour. View my Board-and-Train package here.

Why board your dog with me? I’m a certified,positive dog trainer who lovingly tends to every dog in my care.

In order to book a stay in our kennels, please download this questionnaire and email it back with your registration request.

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Kennel Services | Heath House | Shropshire

Need help before class starts? Click here for for some tips. Give me a ring to join my next class.

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